Screenfocus provides an interface for users to focus on one part of the screen of the computer. Highlight the area of the screen as you want by fading out the other part.


1. Easy to Install. Click the link to download the setup.exe file. Follow the progress of the installation. Less than 2MB.

2. Easy to Start. After installation, double click and launch Screenfocus. The software will operate automatically and run silently in the background.

3. Easy to Use. If you want to highlight one part of the screen, the shortcut key combination as “Ctrl + Alt +F” can be used. Then drag the white transparent frame appears in the upper left corner of your computer screen to the area you want to highlight and release the mouse button.

4. Free to adjust the transparency.  Right click screefocus on the taskbar and choose option. It’s easy to adjust the transparency of the background by dragging the slider from the left to the right as 0% to 100%.

5. Free to figure the shortcut key combination. In the option dialog, you can combine shortcuts by using “Shift”, “Ctrl”, “Alt” and one of 26 letters considering the issues that almost everyone used.

6. Free to use. Screenfocus will be free permanently. Good to go and we will update this software and continue to improve and integrate with more functions. We hope this free production will become a useful tool for users.


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